Centura – Single Motor

Centura – Single Motor

Kinetec Centura – Single Motor. The solution to CPM therapy provided at home.

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    The Anatomical Shoulder CPM Machine designed for use in professional environments.

    • Complete range of movements available for CPM therapy
    • Synchronized and anatomical motion
    • Modular, build-to-your-need device with up to 3 extra modules available
    • Kinetec Data Capture™ USB technology ready

    Complete range of movements

    The Kinetec Centura™ 1 motor allows 2 anatomical movements covering the main pathologies of the shoulder:

    – Abduction/Adduction (20° to 160)
    – Flexion/Extension (20° to 180°)

    Easy to switch between left and right arms

    Patient set-up is anatomical, comfortable and quick with an intuitive color-coded system.

    Evolution compliant

    The Kinetec Centura™ is available in different versions to fit with your daily requirement and use. The device has been designed with additional modules so the user can upgrade the product as required.

    Kinetec Data Capture™ USB technology ready

    The Kinetec Centura™ remote control features the latest USB technology enabling the use of the Kinetec Data Capture™ software and patient USBs to track patient progress as well as pre-program the entire patient rehabilitation protocol.

    Automatically resets the parameters when the movement is changed. This prevents incompatible range of motion to the patients condition.

    Load reverse ensures patient safety when excessive force is exerted on the joint.

    Possibility to lock the adjustment of the parameters.

    Precise adjustment of the parameters of the movement:

    Modulation: Allows manual setting of the ROM end-point based on patient tolerance. This mode is generally used at the beginning of the session.

    ROM By Pass: Used during the session, this mode allows a manual setting based on new patient tolerance, thus offering a real progressive work of the Range of motion.

    Force: This security feature allows the patient to reverse the movement following muscular contraction.

    Pauses: Pauses at movement limits, for improved outcomes.

    – 2-year full warranty.

    Type BF class II electrical device

    Speed: 50° to 140° per minute.

    Weight: 62 lbs (28 kg).

    Size of the device: Length 22″ (56cm), width 39″ (100cm), height 30″ (76cm) (variable).

    Patient sizing: from 1,4 to 2m; user weight: 297 lbs (135kg)

    Our Youtube channel features the unboxing and set up of our CPM’s. Click on the link below to see:

    Unit and patient set up