OrthoSole Thin Mens

OrthoSole Thin Mens


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    The OrthoSole® range of orthotic insoles improve weight distribution and alignment through their patented customisable arch and meta-tarsal design. These high quality, innovative insoles provide a perfect solution for clinicians looking for an easy, ‘Fit and Go’ solution. The unique Poron cushioning and anti-microbial, abrasion resistant top-cover, provide a hard-wearing, comfortable insole whilst the low-profile allows them to easily slip into most shoes.

    *For half sizes, please select the size below. For example, for 7.5, choose the size 7 insole.

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    Patented system of removable support pads
    Provide differing support combinations for the arch and metatarsals, to ensure the best possible fit and comfort. “If it feels right, it is right.”

    ‘Fit and Go’ solution
    Multi-adjustments provide a bespoke insole offering within an off-the-shelf product, reducing patient waiting times and follow-up clinic visits.

    Poron® Urethane layer
    The insole contains a layer of unique, 3mm high performance Poron® layer across the whole insole, providing unparalleled shock absorbency . This layer also conforms to the shape of the foot to re-distribute pressure.

    Anti-microbial top cover
    OrthoSole® incorporates an abrasion resistant, anti-microbial fabric for the top cover eliminating bacteria that cause foot odour, keeping the feet cooler and drier.

    Arch and metatarsal pads
    Each OrthoSole® insole is provided with 3 sets of arch and metatarsal pads, with 3 different densities (soft, medium, firm) to allow the wearer to choose from 9 different combinations. Each pad is held firmly in place by Velcro® on the underside of the insole.

    Anti-static capability
    The insoles have anti-static capability, dissipating elctrostatic build up.

    Poron® heel insert
    The Poron® heel insert eases the impact and provides shock absorbency during heel strike.

    Thermoplastic heel chassis
    A thermoplastic compnent helps stabilise the ankle joint during foot strike. It guides the foot throughout the ground contact from heel to toe.

    Thin profile
    The thin profile of these insoles allows them to be used with all standard footwear.

    EVA carrier
    The ultra lightwight EVA foam carrier provides additional cushioning and shock absorbency to the insole.

    This range is available in sizes 6 to 13. For half sizes, select the size below eg for 8.5 select an 8.

    Our Youtube channel features detailed videos with more information on a range of our products. Click on the link below to see more:

    See the insoles in use and how to use the different inserts

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