6080 Elbow CPM

6080 Elbow CPM

The original Kinetec design dedicated to the elbow joint with patient friendly remote control. Comes complete with softgoods.


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    The original Kinetec® design CPM dedicated to the elbow joint, featuring:

    • Synchronized and anatomical movements
    • Extension/flexion combined with pronation/supination
    • Easy to use in bed or in a sitting position
    • Patient friendly remote control & adjustments

    Designed for immediate post-operative treatment

    Post-operative treatment using this device provides an effective deterrent to stiffness and loss of range of motion. Its 135° ROM enables countless applications, and variable speed control allows progressive changes in the therapy.

    Synchronized movements

    The movements of the Kinetec 6080™ elbow CPM allow for a more anatomically correct therapy. This unit can provide the following movements: extension/flexion (0° to 135°) with synchronized pronation-supination (90°-90°). As extension-flexion movement begins, the hand starts its rotation from full pronation to full supination.

    Safety first

    The lockable ROM settings prevent misuse and enhance patient safety. The CPM rolls on locking wheels and is usable in bed or a chair.



    Technical specifications

    Start/Stop and reverse always available for the patient

    Load reverse ensures patient protection when excessive force is exerted on the joint

    2-year full warranty

    Type B Class I electrical device

    Speed: 35° to 135° per minute

    Weight : 46lbs (21 kg)

    Size of the device: Length 28″ (72 cm), width 25.5″ (65cm), height 51″ (130cm)

    Patient sizing:

    Full patient: 4.6 ft to 6.2ft (1.4m to 1.9m)

    Our Youtube channel features the unboxing and set up of our CPM’s. Click on the link below to see:

    Unit and patient set up