Cryo Pro Shoulder Wrap

Cryo Pro Shoulder Wrap


The Cryo Pro Shoulder wrap is one of four wraps available for the Cryo Pro unit. It is easily adjustable with accessible hooks and velcro, allowing you to adjust to the size of the patient. The Cryo Pro is the perfect solution for convenient and effective cold compression therapy, featuring 3 different modes of compression to suit your recovery.

It provides effective and comfortable cold compression therapy to the whole shoulder area, making it ideal for rehabilitation and recovery for all shoulder injuries.

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    Cryo Pro Shoulder Wrap

    The Cryo Pro Shoulder Wrap provides cold compression to the shoulder and can be adapted to hold the arm in a steady position. The Cryo Pro is a simple to use cold compression therapy product that requires only ice, water and power. It’s unique design is convenient to use, provides pain relief and reduces swelling and inflammation, making recovery faster.


    • The Cryo Pro™ has been designed with convenient portability features to make your cold compression therapy easy and convenient.
    • The unit comes with a handle which is designed to balance when water and ice are in the system.
    • It requires only ice, water and power mains or battery to operate, making it convenient to use at anytime.

    Innovative technology

    • Features nine different modes for varying pressure and time sessions.
    • You are able to choose from 3 different modes of compression – low, medium and high – to accommodate your cold compression needs.

    Easy to use

    • This easy to use cooling system has been designed with simplicity in mind so you are able to clearly monitor and manage compression.


    • Cold compression therapy works by constricting the blood vessels, which in turn reduces swelling and inflammation.
    • Helps to reduce the amount of bruising by slowing down blood flow to an injured area.
    • Calms muscle spasms, minimises bruising and soothes nerve endings, encouraging quick and effective healing for a variety of muscle, tendon and ligament injuries.

    Read more about how the Cryo Pro was able to help others recovery here.

    Our Instagram also contains more information on Cryo Pro and other Dr. Aktive® products.

    How to use

    To begin your recovery, the system requires only ice, water and power (mains or battery). Attach the wrap to the unit and simply hold down the power button until the display appears and adjust with the + and – buttons to suit the length of time and the level of compression you require.

    The unit enables you to target specific areas of pain or swelling with four different wraps, including knee, shoulder, ankle and universal. These wraps are simple and easy to apply, with the one size fits all design and hook and loop fixing allowing the wraps to be adjusted to fit each patient correctly.

    The Cryo Pro is simple to empty and clean. Removing water from the main unit is easy due to the removable lid and the wraps are easy to drain using the draining gadget.

    To view the full PDF of the brochure, please click the following link:

    Cryo Pro Product Brochure

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