X-Lite® Classic – Eco-friendly Splinting Material

X-Lite® Classic – Eco-friendly Splinting Material

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X-Lite® is an airy and lightweight Low Temperature Thermoplastic material engineered to meet your splinting, bracing and casting demands. The material is made from a 100% cotton mesh that has been impregnated with a non-toxic thermoplastic resin. All reactive substances in the thermoplastic have been cured, which means it does not contain any residues in unreacted form.

X-Lite® Classic is the original X-Lite® material. The large mesh openings give great ventilation. As the strongest material in our range, you can use it for any cast or splint of your choice. With its open structure, it is the airiest of the three materials. It stretches and conforms well to contours for a perfect fit. X-Lite® Classic comes in sheets, dispenser box and rolls. The rolls have a plastic separator you remove during the working process. Choose between rolls and sheets in the sizes below.


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    Extra strong material with excellent ventilation

    • Original material

    • Large mesh openings

    • Great ventilation

    • Extra Strong and weight-bearing

    • Available in White, Royal Blue & AnthraciteX LITE Classic Blue thumb 2 1 scaled

    Innovative X-Lite® material features


    • A recent test of biodegradability according to ISO 148551-1 standard, showed that X-Lite® is 25% biodegraded after 90 days.

    Excellent Ventilation

    • The open structure in the material gives great ventilation and comfort. This allows the skin to breathe, besides providing an optimal environment for wound healing.

    Strong Material, Less Plastic

    • X-Lite® is an extremely strong material. Use significantly less layers of material for equal strength compared to other splinting and casting materials on the market.

    Variable Rigidity

    • Add layers for additional rigidity without compromising the low profile. Add strips to areas where additional reinforcement or support is desired.

    Reusable and Remoldable

    • Save money and time. X-Lite® can be reheated an unlimited amount of times, alowing you to reuse rolls and leftovers. Make small changes on an already made cast/splint instead of a new one costing extra money, extra time and discomfort for your patient.


    100% free from isocyanates

                zero negative effects to your health

    X-Lite® has been engineered to benefit the environment and your health in more ways than one. It’s unique structure and features makes it the ideal alternative to industry standard casting materials.

    Non-toxic material:

    For the industry standard synthetic casting tapes, the isocyanates have negative effects on your health such as irritation and asthma, requiring special ventilation equipment, apron, gloves and a mask in order to protect the therapist. In the manufacturing process for all X-Lite® materials, any toxic instances are extracted, making it 100% free from isocyanates and fibreglass.

    Less waste:

    Due to the robust nature of X-Lite®, you are able to reheat it any number of times, therefore allowing the therapist to use all of the material without having to waste any. This is especially impressive when compared to the standard market material which isn’t reusable, causing a lot of waste.

    Ideal material:

    The cotton resin and reactive impregnation means that there is no risk for the patient or therapist. Less material is required requiring only two layers therefore less material will be used. It is patient friendly, economic and safer for health and the environment.

    Instructions for use:

    • X-Lite® should be heated in a splint bath set at 155-160°F.

    • Heat 3D-LiteTM in an oven set at 175° F or an infrared oven 140° F for 1.5 min. You can also use a heat gun for smaller pieces.

    • X-Lite® sheets should be immersed in water for approximately 1 minute and the rolls approximately 3 minutes. Make sure the water penetrates the rolls.

    • Always ensure that the material is properly heated before you start working.

    • Use tongs to remove X-Lite® from the water bath to avoid direct contact with the water.

    • Allow excess water to drain from the material. The material itself will not become warm.

    • Protect and cover any wounds or scarring with appropriate dressings.  For fracture casting or splinting apply stockinette and proceed with undercover padding to protect the skin before applying the material.

    • Spot heat areas on the splint for permanent bond of accessories, straps and hook.

    • Re-shape any number of times for the same patient. Reheat unused leftovers and rolls.

    • Make small changes by spot heating a completed cast or splint with a regular hairdryer. Always keep your own hand close to the area you heat to avoid burning the patient.

    • Cool the splint or cast with cold packs or ice spray for faster setting.

    For video tutorials using X-Lite®, have a look at our playlist on YouTube.

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