Opal Cool Wrap 58° Chill

Opal Cool Wrap 58° Chill


Opal Cool Wrap 58° Chill uses Phase Change Material technology to keep the wrap cool even at room temperature. It has been clinically proven to significantly reduce hot flashes by up to 75% after four weeks of use. It also relieves symptoms for women with MS.

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    The Opal Cool Wrap 58° Chill delivers drug-free, natural cool therapy for those seeking relief from symptoms of menopause. Our clinically tested cool therapy wraps are uniquely designed to reduce hot flashes, night sweats and other symptoms of menopause. It offers cooling comfort for breastfeeding moms, athletes and MS patients.

    • Safer than ice – can be worn directly on the skin with no risk of ice burn or frostbite
    • Long lasting – maintains optimal cooling temperature for 2 hours
    • FDA registered Class 1 Medical Device
    • HSA and FSA reimbursable
    • Made in the USA