Knee replacement surgery

Hip, knee, ankle, elbow and shoulder joint replacements are common and highly successful operations that bring many patients relief from pain and improved mobility. Approximately 100,000 knee replacements take place in the UK every year. The majority of knee replacements are carried out on women (56.7%) with a median age for all patients of 69. Most patients recover very well, but for some rehabilitation doesn’t go so well so they need support and help. We offer a range of solutions to help pain and range of movement.

Improving Your Knee Range of Movement (ROM)

One of the issues facing patients who have had knee surgery is regaining full function (range of movement) which will enable them to regain their required mobility. There is significant evidence that combining the use of Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) therapy with ‘active’ exercises provided by the physical therapist will give quicker and better results than just using the active exercises. This is particularly the case with patients whose knees aren’t recovering quickly or need an MUA. Kinetec offers rehabilitation solutions for patients to rehab safely at home with CPM Machines..

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Reducing swelling in your knee

Swelling of the knee causes pain and can restrict the movement of the knee. Mobilization of the knee by CPM therapy (see above) will help to reduce the swelling. In addition it is helpful to use compression therapy. By applying compression to the knee, you will be able to reduce the swelling which will help reduce the pain. Our range of Dr.Aktive® Cold Compression Therapy devices will work well and also combine cooling therapy for optimal pain relief. Please follow the link below for more information.

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