X-Lite® is the only splinting and casting material made from a cotton base impregnated with a non-toxic, safe polymer. This polymer is Polycaprolactone (PCL) a non-toxic biocompatible and biodegradable material.

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Biodegradable Material

X-Lite® is a revolutionary material with excellent environmental and health benefits attributed to its cotton based material. It has been tested according to ISO 14855 showing 25% biodegradation after 90 days.

The perforated structure provides excellent ventilation and comfort allowing the skin to breathe and providing an optimal environment for wound prevention and healing. X-Lite® can be reheated an unlimited amount of times, allowing the clinician to reuse rolls and all left over pieces.

The X-Lite® range of materials includes: Classic, Premium, Plus, 3D-Lite & Cut-4-Custom.

X-Lite Materials
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Kind to the environment and the patient

X-Lite® has been engineered to benefit the environment and your health in more ways than one. It’s unique structure and features make it the ideal alternative to industry standard casting materials.

Standard synthetic casting tapes isocyanates have negative effects on your health such as irritation and asthma, requiring special ventilation equipment, apron, gloves and a mask in order to protect the clinician. During the manufacturing process for all X-Lite® materials, any toxic instances are extracted, making it 100% free from isocyanates and fiberglass.

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X-Lite Accessories

To provide the patient with the best and most comfortable solution we have a wide range of accessories to help you to complete your cast or splint. Our X-Lite® Edging tapes instantly bonds to X-Lite® and 3D-Lite® materials and secure a neat, soft edge. 

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X-Lite® Tips and Tricks

Click below to watch tutorials using X-Lite®! Learn how to fabricate with X-Lite® Classic to make a variety of orthoses.