Gripper™ Self-Retracting System

Gripper™ Self-Retracting System

The Gripper is the assistant in a box. It allows the surgeon to control the retractor without extra help from an assistant.

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    Focus entirely on the patient

    Human capital is the most important resource in the OR so it is extremely important that people can function optimally.

    The Gripper™ allows a stable retractor positioning so that nursing staff can now be deployed much more effectively during other parts of the procedure or in preparation for or during other operations. The device can be used on a standard OR table and traction table.

    By using the gripper, the surgeon are also back in charge of their instruments. They determine the positioning, the force with which the retractors are placed and how long they stay in place. This allows the surgeon to be 100% focused on their job while the scrub is always one step ahead because he/she doesn’t have to hold instruments.

    A well-managed OR results not only in a high surgical turnover, but also in reduced postoperative complications, improved patient-centered outcomes, and greater patient satisfaction.

    24/7 availability
    The Gripper™ is the assistant that is always sterile and available 24/7. In case of limited availability of staff, the procedure (scheduled or trauma) will not have to be postponed and will therefore not affect the efficiency of the OR.

    Improved safety
    The Gripper™ makes it possible for surgeons to operate with fewer people in the operating room. This means fewer handlings which reduces the risk of possible sterility issues in the surgical field.

    Better tissue preservation
    By using The Gripper™, the surgeon determines the force applied on the retractor reducing the cutting effect on the bone and soft tissues. During fluoroscopy the retractor does not need to be removed which again reduces damage to the soft tissues.

    Increased stability
    The surgeon places The Gripper™ with the correct force and direction so that the retractor can be positioned accurately and stable.  The Gripper™ remains stable in its position even under the most demanding circumstances.

    Optimal visibility
    The Gripper™ is connected to the side of the table improving the surgeon’s view on the surgical field and anatomical landmarks which are not obstructed by the staff holding retractors.

    Improved efficiency
    By using The Gripper™, the surgeon can focus 100% on the surgery without any distraction. The Gripper™ gives the surgeon more control over the procedure and makes it possible to standardize the process. Standardization leads to optimized efficiency, improved ergonomics and increased productivity.