Opal Gal Pals 80° Go

Opal Gal Pals 80° Go


The Opal Gal Pals 80° Go uses Phase Change Material technology to keep the pads cool even at room temperature – no refrigeration required! These Gal Pals are designed for on-the-go cooling, they can be tucked into your bra for cooling relief that’s skin-safe and soothing. Provided in a set of 4.

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    These flexible bra inserts are made with a plant-based phase change material that cools to a soothing 58°. Ideal for packing in your purse, gym bag or diaper bag for cooling comfort whenever you need it!

    • Safer than ice – can be worn directly on the skin with no risk of ice burn or frostbite
    • Long lasting – maintains optimal cooling temperature for 2 hours
    • FDA registered Class 1 Medical Device
    • HSA and FSA reimbursable
    • Made in the USA