Ohio S

Ohio S

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Splinting material with 100% memory, moderate drape and maximum rigidity. The non-coated material allows for it to self-bond.


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    Manosplint Ohio S is a low-temperature thermoplastic ideal for hand splinting. It has 100% memory and becomes translucent when heated. As it is an ‘uncoated’ material, it is slightly ‘sticky’ to the touch when heated and it will easily form a permanent bond. This ‘stickiness’ also helps to hold it in place during splint fabrication.

    Other features include: 100% memory, moderate resistance to stretch, moderate drape, high rigidity and it resists finger prints.

    Ohio S can be printed to provide fun, exciting splints – please select your pattern below or contact us if you would like a custom design.


    100% Memory – when fully reheated can regain original size and shape.

    Resistance to Stretch (RTS):

    Moderate handling with smooth strokes during molding. Shapes easily.


    Moderate pressure needed for a conforming fit.


    Maximum – strong support.

    Bonding & Finish:

    Non-coated material allows for it to self-bond. Acts as a second pair of hands to keep product in place during application. Resists fingerprints with a shiny finish.


    Available on solid, 1%, 11%, 12%, 15%, 19%, 36% and 42% perforation options, depending on the material and thickness.

    Material Thickness:

    1/8″ (3.2mm), 3/32″ (2.4mm), 1/12″ (2.0mm) and 1/16 (1.6mm)


    Available in white, beige and black

    Suggested Clinical Applications:

    • Immobilization orthoses – wrist, thumb and hand; wide variety of diagnoses including pediatrics, tendon injuries, fractures, arthritis, and neurological diagnoses
    • Mobilization orthoses – serial static approach or base for dynamic and static progressive designs
    • Circumferential designs

    For further detailed information on Manosplint’s splinting materials, click on the link below:

    Manosplint Catalog

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