The non-invasive EMG sensor helps shorten the rehabilitation process by chasing the weakened muscle groups, transcending muscle activation and tracking patient’s improvement.

The K-Myo is a portable physical therapy device that allows practitioners to collect and analyze data on muscle distribution rates, reconstruction, imbalance, power, and activation.

K-Myo delivers precise strength assessments, with electronic force transducers that offer instantaneous acoustic and optic biofeedback through the K-Force app.

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    Kinvent K-Myo

    KINVENT is revolutionizing rehabilitation, with a cutting-edge solution that delivers prolonged patient engagement, increased efficiency and superior clinical outcomes.

    Objective and Instantaneous Assessment

    Kinvent’s app-integrated assessment devices allow you to objectively and instantaneously measure strength, balance and range of motion. Motivate patients for longer engagement and improved results with in-app games and reports.

    Connect multiple Kinvent devices with a single Kinvent Physio app license. If you don’t already have access to the app, choose from the following licenses here.

    Need help setting up your sensor or K-Force App? Read more here.

    Portable Electromyograph
    Instant Biofeedback

    Get muscle activation and fatigue analysis of your patient instantly. Test and train like never before thanks to live biofeedback data. Monitor warm-up and training in the clinic and the gym as you go.

    Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

    Chase lateral imbalance and explore agonist and antagonist balance to prevent injury, and maximize rehab.

    Connection to any Kinvent device

    Transcend biomechanics with physiology thanks to the unique Kinvent solution. Through the Kinvent Physio App, you get to monitor angles, force, or power as well as muscle activity.

    Learn how the K-Myo can be used in personalized rehabilitation by reading our Blog.

    Scientific and Portable Sensor

    Intuitive, easy to use and with very precise data, this device can be used to deliver emg tests in your lab, your practice as well as in the field.

    Fast Assessment

    Evaluate every part of the body in seconds, as the sensors provide real-time feedback through Kinvent Physio App.

    K-Myo works with an android 5.0+ and an ios 11.0+, with a bluetooth connexion low energy 5.1.

    Weight: 30 grams.

    Wireless Range: Up to 40 meters.

    The acquisition frequency with K-Myo is 1000hz.

    The Battery has 12h of autonomy and needs 2h of charging.

    Accuracy within 0.1% of reading.

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