Dr. Aktive®

Dr Aktive® is a global brand owned by the Medfac Group. The aim of Dr Aktive® is to provide high performance, single patient medical devices. The intention is that these products are simple to prescribe and easy to use, bringing instant benefits to the customers. Our range includes OrthoSole® insoles and CCT cold compression therapy.

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Dr. Aktive cold compression therapy

Dr Aktive® Cold Therapy

Cryotherapy is an established part of physical rehabilitation protocols and is widely used in institutional and home settings to reduce pain and swelling. Dr Aktive® has a range of patented supports that provide both cryotherapy and compression in one product. With removable gel packs, hand pump and high-quality neoprene support, these Dr.Aktive® CCT supports provide pain relief and control of swelling at affordable prices.

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OrthoSole Thin Mens

Dr Aktive® Insoles

Dr Aktive® offers a range of off-the-shelf orthotic insoles, including the patented , customizable OrthoSole® insoles. With innovative adjustable arch and metatarsal pads, these provide comfort and support for people with a range of foot conditions including plantar fasciitis and Morton’s Neuroma.

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Dr Aktive® provides medical professionals & consumers, direct access to reliable, high quality & cost effective products

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