Our core brand Kinetec is primarily associated with continuous passive motion (CPM), orthopedic traction frames and more recently active-passive training.

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Kinetec CPM

Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) Therapy

Experimental investigations in the 1970s provided the scientific basis for CPM treatment using motor-driven exercise equipment. Positive clinical experience, with this exciting therapeutic modality being well received by surgeons, therapists and patients, accelerated its widespread acceptance. Fifty years later, advances in technology and the extension of this form of post-surgical rehabilitation therapy to new indications and protocols demonstrate that CPM still plays an integral and significant role in orthopedic recovery. For the patient, it is a valuable and well tolerated method of rapidly restoring lost joint function, mobility and confidence.

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Orthopaedic Traction and Suspension

Kinetec provides a full range of solutions for traction and suspension in orthopedic, rheumatology, neurology, emergency and pediatric departments. We supply full, partial and pediatric (cot) traction frames plus and extensive range of accessories including weights, bars and pulleys.

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Kinetec Kinevia™ Duo

The Kinetec Kinevia™ Duo provides an intelligent exercise therapy system for both the upper and lower limbs. With options to provide active, passive and assisted therapy, the Kinetec Kinevia Duo has a 7-inch touch screen display that guides the therapy and it can be easily adjusted for different patients without tools.

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