Kinetec Cares: Women’s Health and International Women’s Day

Published: March 8, 2024
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Health, fitness, and dresses with pockets!

As unique every woman is, we can all agree that there is a simple joy of finding that your favorite dress comes with pockets.  It’s right up there with chocolate, eating your favorite takeout, and curling up in a cozy blanket after a long day.

Women’s health and wellness is an important topic for Kinetec. Many of our products are made for all bodies in mind. Whether it’s for an active patient or post-op patient requiring passive training, active training, cold therapy, or an interactive therapy treatment, Kinetec has products to meet your needs.

Women's Health and Opal Products

Women’s Health and Opal Products

Kinetec USA, Inc. has a focus product line for specifically for women’s health – designed by women for women.  It is our Dr. Aktive© Opal Products which use Phase Change Material technology to provide cold therapy relief. They help you stay active while providing cool therapy for menopause, cancer treatment, nursing, breast surgery, MS patients, and more! We recommend checking out our Opal Gal Pals. They can fit comfortably in a bra and can be worn directly on the skin with no risk of ice burn or frostbite.  HSA and FSA approved. Made in America!

They may not be dresses with pockets, but these products and more will sure to be a must for your women’s health and wellness needs. Visit our product pages today!

We are also part of the VGM and Essential Women’s network. If you are an affiliated vendor, be sure to reach out through your rep today!

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