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Deals of the Month Valid from June 1 to June 31st, 2024

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Kinetec USA’s Cryo Pro wraps are the perfect solution for convenient and effective cold compression therapy, featuring 3 different modes of compression to suit your recovery. The unit enables you to target specific areas of pain or swelling Cryo Pro Wraps. These wraps are simple and easy to apply, with the one size fits all design and hook and loop fixing allowing the wraps to be adjusted to fit each patient correctly.

The Cryo Pro 360 Knee Kit includes the Cryo Pro Control Unit and the Cryo Pro 360 Knee Wrap at an economical price.

Cryo Pro Control Unit + 360 Knee Wrap (Limited Time Only)
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Dr. Aktive ® CCT Knee ROM Hinge

Kinetec USA is showcasing our high-quality cold compression therapy product: Aktive® CCT Knee ROM Hinge. The CCT Knee has easy to use velcro fastening, a removable inner gel pack that can be placed in the freezer, and has ROM hinge. This product also comes in an XL size for extended sizing and accommodates post-op dressings.

The Dr. Aktive® Cold Compression Therapy supports are recommended for post-op use to control pain and swelling. Our cold therapy support is the ideal way to ‘ice’ the joint whether it be post exercise, injury or as part of a rehabilitation program. Cold compression therapy will help minimize pain, reduce swelling and maximize your rehabilitation potential.

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OrthoSole Thin Womens

OrthoSole Thin Womens Insoles

Kinetec USA is having a deal on our OrthoSole Thin Womens Insoles.

The OrthoSole range of orthotic insoles improve weight distribution and alignment through their patented customizable arch and metatarsal design. These high quality, innovative insoles provide a perfect solution for clinicians looking for an effective ‘Fit and Go’ solution. The unique Poron Urethane cushioning and fabric top-cover provide a hard-wearing comfortable insole while the low-profile allows them to easily slip into most shoes.

The adjustable supports provide nine different support options in one insole, choosing between light, medium and firm support for both the metatarsal and arch. The Poron technology heel insert eases impact and provides shock absorbency. OrthoSole can help with heel, foot, knee and back pain, as well as Plantar Fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma, excessive pronation and TA pain and strain.

OrthoSole Thin Womens

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