Dr Aktive® is a global brand owned by the Medfac Group. The aim of Dr Aktive® is to provide high performance, single patient medical devices. The intention is that these products are simple to prescribe and easy to use, bringing instant benefits to the customers. Our first product range launch is OrthoSole® insoles.


"As a company, Dr Aktive Orthosole has allowed us to offer our patients an alternative to typical shoe inserts. The adaptive and customization offered by the inserts allow us to ensure each and every patient is getting the fit and support that they need. Beyond that, it has given us an edge in offering innovative and quality products to our patients throughout our partnership."  Balance of Chicago

"At this point, I have bought three Dr Aktive Orthosoles, one for each pair of shoes I wear everyday. I will never go back to any other shoe inserts because these have reduced my pain drastically and brought me comfort that I did not know I could have."  Balance of Chicago Patient

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